Our horses are more than just animals that pull our wagons and carriages but are  treasured members of our carriage service.  Their skill and temperament allow us to give our clients the best experience possible during their event.   Each one is carefully evaluated for not only physical soundness, but for a kind nature and a reliable performance history, but also for their friendliness and safety around children.  Our horses are cherished family members.  They interact with our grandchildren and when not working, they receive lots of brushing and hugs and kisses. 

We strive to make sure that we do not work our horses in adverse weather conditions and do not accept events that wood require them to work in inclement weather or extreme temperatures.


Cash and Kolby are the children’s party specialist team.  They have been with us since they were 2 and 1.5 years old respectively.  Cash is a blonde Belgian draft horse and Kolby is a black Percheron.  They are very steady and careful around the little ones.  Kolby is every child’s best buddy.  He loves children and will lower his big head nearly to the ground for hugs and kisses.  Our biggest issue with him is that he wants to join the party and enjoy cake and ice cream with the other guests!


Joy and Iris are a team of black Percheron mares.  They are full sisters and look so much alike they  could be twins.  They came to us several years ago from a very good friend in the carriage world that had to retire due to health issues.  He allowed them to come to us with the promise they could retire with us.  Joy and Iris are very steady and willing workers.  While we use them for every sort of event possible, they are not the grandchildren’s playmates that Cash and Kolby are.