When planning your ride there are several things you should consider. 

First, safety is our first priority.  We want to make your ride the very best experience possible, but we will not compromise the safety and comfort of you, your guests or the horses and ourselves.

We do not take the horses or carriages and wagons down very busy streets, feeder roads or main thoroughfares.  The traffic does not upset the horses.  They are steady with noises such as sirens, flapping tarps, trains etc  However, people see the big draft horses, grab their cell phones and step on their brakes to get a picture, which causes a huge traffic snarl or even a wreck.
All routes are carefully considered and if the streets are safe, we will do our best to make your ride the best experience possible.  If the route you choose is on a busy street, or for some reason is not suitable for horses and carriage or wagon, cannot be accomplished using any other route,  you will be responsible for providing  a police escort to manage the traffic.
Also keep in mind that each mile in the carriage/wagon will take approximately 30 minutes.  Keep in mind the ride time frame when planning ride along with time for photos.


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